Crash and Burn! – M.E./CFS Flare up…..

Hey all, hope you are all well?

I missed posting on Sunday as I was recovering from Saturday’s walk. I didn’t recover I have crashed and burned in to full on Flare up *insert sad face here*. I knew it was going to happen eventually with all this walking, but still was not prepared for it. What’s frustrating is I am not entirely sure what triggered it as I did a number of new things, and other factors may have been involved. Firstly I walked almost 7KM, an increase of just under 2KM (not planned, a farmer had blocked off my planned route, I hate it when they do this to public rights of way!). I didn’t think the added distance would be an issue as I was doing really well with the walking! My legs were aching after each walk, but I just assumed it was normal aching of increased activity after being desk bound lately writing uni dissertation…..And it was being well managed by just paracetamol…..

Other factors that may have been involved:

We were walking by the perimeter of a Ministry of Defence firing range that was in use that day, there may have been gunpowder or dust in the air, although we heard no active firing when we were close….

The beautiful sunny weather we have been blessed with for the last few weeks broke. I knew it was going to be colder and with rain forecast. I thought I had dressed appropriately, but still managed to get a chill and shivered all the way home….

I had read somewhere in my research that compression socks would help with leg pain (I was getting hamstring pain for a day after walking, probably because I was not stretching properly before/after) and I had a pair lingering in the back of my drawer so thought I’d give it a shot…..

I also appear to have developed hay fever to add to my ever growing list of ailments! This makes breathing difficult at times….

Anywho, I should have known that I was heading for a fall when I didn’t wake until 11:40 am the next day (I like to sleep, I like to sleep a lot! But that was out of the ordinary) but I carried on regardless. Pain in my legs had changed too, from slight hamstring twinge to severe Achilles, knee and hip pain (weird). I shrugged it off and went to work and crashed massively following a severe asthma attack too….Dammit!

so today, I have been lounging on the sofa, writing blog in short bursts and watching kilted yogi videos to cheer myself up. (check it out here! Disclaimer! you do get a slight cheeky bum view at the end if you are sensitive to that kind of thing….) and episodes of judge Judy…..I may have briefly considered ordering this t-shirt…..

Anyway, that said, I do not consider this flare to be a failure only a set back as I am in a good place mentally because of the walking I have been doing. The positive impact of getting out in to “green spaces” is something I studied as part of my degree and I wholeheartedly agree with the health benefits of spending time in natural surroundings as much as possible. There are some interesting articles relating to this here and here.

I have not had a flare for some time and believe I am in the mild to moderate category (certainly I have not really been managed by health professionals). So, I had been doing research on the management of M.E./CFS and have come across the M.E. association website with lots of information on management of symptoms and flare ups and cfs help website which also has lots of information which may be helpful if you are not under any kind of regular care for M.E./CFS. However, you should always seek advice from a health professional about your symptoms, which is what I will be doing tomorrow!

Do any of you have any suggestions for television viewing? as I may be here on the sofa for a few days.

If you have M.E./cfs, how do you cope with flare ups? What makes these down times more bearable?

Comments, feedback and chocolate always welcome.

Until next time, stay safe


Featured image courtesy of Pixels free images. (Seriously I wish I looked that good on a good day let alone when crashing! 😂)

3 thoughts on “Crash and Burn! – M.E./CFS Flare up…..

  1. Good for you to be able to walk so far. I walk 20 minutes and have a two day setback. It’s all relative. We keep going. No thoughts about TV. I prefer to listen to books on tape.


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