Almost made it to the valley of stones!

Hey all, hope you are keeping well?

I really did myself in two weeks ago, and I’ve had to cut back everything as I just did not have the energy to do anything. I had very quickly learned I cannot go out walking 5 days a week, so had cut it down to 3. I guess now I need to cut back to 2 days and see how I get on…..

Anyway, I was feeling much better so I decided to head out for the first meaningful walk since I had to retire to bed/sofa. No hill summits, just out doing a spot of caching and enjoying the beautiful Dorset countryside with doggo and Kiddo #1.

This was the route I had planned…..

Three longhorn bulls in a field

However, we bumped in to these feisty fellas at the circled part on the route (before we went through the gate luckily!) and decided to retrace our steps back to the car. we really didn’t fancy our chances of getting through unharmed, plus the dog was already barking her head off and generally being an ass……

We parked at Littlebredy, which is a little hamlet to the West of Dorchester. We were doing some of j4pos’s South Dorset Ridgeway (SDR) caches, numbers 40 to 36 (GC2G6BQ). The first was very damp so I retrieved the wet log, dried out the container and added fresh paper. I spotted these by the cache site. I know this is a very invasive weed, but is sooo pretty….

Japanese hog weed flowers

Heading further down the lane we passed a lot of people who had gathered for a picnic. I’m not sure if it was a special occasion but they all seemed to be happy being able to meet up and share the day. SDR 39 in the bag, we headed along the footpath which was quite a steep incline!

boy and dog walking in the countryside

In their cache description, J4pos comments on the beautiful views along the route and they are not wrong. I think even in the pre rain weather the views are stunning!

bones in a tree

On the way back Kiddo found this….no idea how this got half way up a tree, there are no other body parts in the vicinity, very bizarre! This freaked us out so we hurried on our way.

I was very worried about what not doing anything for two weeks would do for my fitness levels. This walk was 4 KM with gain of 107M, which I completed easily, with minimal aches the following day. So, I will try 2 days walking a week and see how I get on….

hope you enjoyed today’s walk. Feedback always welcome 🙂

Rachael x

all images are my own taken on the day.

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