The Legend of Roy Dog

Hey all, hope you are well?

Today’s post is a little different as I have not been out walking due to work and other commitments…..

I live on Portland, a tied Island off the coast of the county of Dorset, United Kingdom. One of my favourite places to visit when out for fresh air is the Tout Quarry Sculpture Park. Portland is where the stone comes from that was used to build many of the iconic buildings of London such as Westminster Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral and the BBC building.

The sculpture park is located in one of the many quarries on this teeny tiny island and my favourite sculpture is the Roy Dog…..

The legend of Roy Dog goes….

He lives in a sea cave on the East of the island, he is bigger than a dog fox but smaller than a cow. He has one red eye and one green eye. His matted fur is as black as night and in his shaggy main dangle the eyes of his victims……

One evening three friends were fishing down by Portland Bill. They often didn’t catch anything but it was the peace and quietness that drew them here. One night, two of the friends went home as it was getting late and their wives would give them a good ticking off if they didn’t hurry. One remained, determined to catch something.

Portland Bill Lighthouse.  Portland, Dorset, United Kingdom.

On their way back home, the two friends came upon the lighthouse keeper who said that something mysterious was afoot as the light was not working properly. Concerned for their friend they went back to try and find him in the gathering gloom. But they heard a fearful growling and they hid in a nearby thicket. Peeking out they saw a huge hulking frame, eyes glinting red and green in the moonlight as the creature paused to drink from a pool of water. The men held their breath for fear of making a sound and those ghastly eyes turning on them, for they knew if they did they were doomed! After a moment the creature limped off and the men took the opportunity to run home as quick as their legs would carry them.

The following morning the men returned to their fishing spot to find their friend. He was still fishing. But on approaching they found their friend dead and his eyes missing. On the hook on his line they saw some matted black fur and a huge claw. They concluded their friend had caught the Roy Dog……

Rachael x

(Adapted from the legend available in various sources)

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