Cattistock and Castle Hill

Today’s route is a circular route starting at Cattistock church, taking in Castle Hill Summit at 180M. 3.59 KM walk with elevation gain of 82M.

Cattistock is a village 8 miles northwest of Dorchester and its 19th Century church is nicknamed the “Cathedral of Frome Vally” due to it’s size and impressive tower. It seems over the top for such a small village location (population in 2011 census was 509 inhabitants!) We stopped for a while to collect information for the church micro cache and found an impressive alter cover and wall frescos inside and a spring/well outside in the church yard.

After cache admin was complete we headed right out of the gate and along Duck Street past the pretty cottages, then continued straight on to the public footpath that goes through Manor Farm. We took a left turn at a gate towards the public access land that is Castle Hill. Castle Hill was an Iron Age hill fort with a knoll indicating highest point. The stepped hillside was interesting and I found it difficult to navigate easily but Kiddo #2 skipped up there like a gazelle, then had to wait for me at the top!

Summit Selfie, Castle Hill 28/06/2020
One boy and his woofer

After summit selfies (seriously need to sort out covid hair!) and using the poor doggo to re-enact the Lion King’s christening of Simba scene, we headed back down the hill towards the gate. This time we found the sheep track, so the descent was much easier on the ankles than the ascent. We turned left after the gate. Popped over a stile and followed the road back to the village.

(Kiddo won’t let me post Simba photos, sorry, they are hilarious though!)

I chose a short walk today as I still feel a bit ropey, but when I got back to the car I felt like I could do the walk again! So, despite not being able to get out as much as I wanted to, my fitness is obviously improving, and this makes me so happy. So now I am on a search for next walk and looking to either increase distance or elevation gain! Whoop!

I hope you enjoyed todays walk. Until next time stay safe everyone!

Rachael x

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