To the moon and back…….

Today’s post is a throwback to July 2019 when we visited the museum of the moon at Sherbourne Abbey.

Sherbourne is a market town in North Dorset, 6 miles east of Yeovil. The town was initially called Scir Burne (Clear Stream) by early Saxon inhabitants….

The old part of the town is quirky with many medieval and Georgian Buildings…..

Below is Sherbourne School, a well known boarding school for boys……Not sure what this interesting creature is on the roof though!

Noteable recent(ish) attendees of Sherbourne School are actor Jeremy Irons, Coldplay’s front man Chris Martin and Writer John Le Carre….

The Abbey is a beautiful ornate building constructed of yellow Ham Stone and is the resting place of Alfred the Great’s elder brothers – King Aethelbald and King Aethelberht. Not quite sure how it survived the dissolution of the monasteries carried out by Henry VIII but I am glad it did as it was the perfect setting for the Museum of the Moon.

Sherbourne Abbey Dorset UK

The Museum of the Moon was an art installation by Luke Jerram that visited Dorset in July 2019 on it’s international travels. I was mind blown by the size of the installation (7M diameter!), the accurate detail of the Moon’s surface and the atmospheric setting of the Abbey. I spent over an hour here much to kiddos frustration! I will remember this trip for a very long time!

Moon in the Abbey.  Museum of the moon.  Luke Jerram

The artist currently has a similar installation of Mars in Huston Museum of Natural Sciences and if you are close to any of the venues that this installation will visit, I highly recommend taking time to go and see them!

There are videos and information of Luke’s art installations on his website for you to enjoy if you cannot visit in person.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane to visit the Moon and Sherbourne.

Did you visit the moon or any other installations by this artist? I would very much like to hear of your experience and what you thought.

Until next time, stay safe everyone!

Rachael x

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