We got Yaks!

Kayaks not long horned, hairy, bovine type animals!

After a guided canoe trip last year and a kayak lesson during my leave week, I took the plunge and bought kayaks! I am terrified of water, but I enjoy the serenity and freedom of paddling a canoe/kayak. It has, however, taken me a few trips out in the harbour to be confident enough in my ability to not capsize to get my phone out to take photos….

Kiddo #2 was nervous about going out on our own so we loaded the yaks onto the roof of the car and headed out to West Bay, a coastal town South of Bridport, Dorset, at the mouth of the river Brit. This is the river of our guided canoe trip last year and I know it is non tidal, we cannot get swept out to sea as there is a dam type gate across the mouth of the river and it would be pretty quiet on the river around 5 pm I thought…..Yes the river was quiet once we were paddling…… but we had an audience while getting in the yaks at the public pontoon. I am still a little green at doing this, so felt a bit like a hippo getting in….it’s not pretty I tell ye!

Anyway, once we were in (without mishap) and with no looking back at the audience, we set off for a lovely evening paddle up the river to the Brewery at Bridport which is the turn around, as past this point the river is non navigable. The brewery has a shop, but I did not think it appropriate to visit on this occasion!

I hope you enjoyed coming along on our maiden solo paddle!

Feedback always welcome, and I wish you all a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing 🙂


Yak photo c/o pixels, all others my own.

4 thoughts on “We got Yaks!

  1. WOW Rachael that looks like alot of fun! I used to go canoeing with my last husband Kevin…I could barely walk & he wanted us to have something we could do together. Kevin played Baseball & bowled & was very active…I was not because of my health issues & it really upset me. We made a list of activities & decided on canoeing. After our 1st session we were sold! When I called my Father (a Holocaust survivor) he said “Daughter you are jsut like me! I used to canoe in Hamburg where I was born!) I was in my mid-40’s & NEVER knew anything about my Father pre-1948!! He said I had canoeing in my blood, lol….
    Kevin & my Father are both gone now but I have such happy memories of canoeing with Kevin….it was lovely!
    I hope you & the kiddos’ can go ‘yakking again soon!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

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